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Horse and Hunting


with guide service

Choose Your Own Adventure

☎ 970-327-0283

Get Ready to Go on an Extraordinary Adventure

At STB Guide and Outfitter, we take people on horseback rides of varying lengths and conduct hunts for elk, deer, bears, and mountain cats. We provide our services within Redvale, Colorado and other small nearby areas where you are guaranteed to feel the thrill of the adventure. Our hunt packages include meals and camp accommodations.

Service Packages and Rates

One-Hour Ride

Age 5 +

Stars on slow fairly flat open trails

And progresses to more difficult

Terrain towards the end of the Hour.

$50 /Rider

One-and Two-Hour Rides

Age 7+

Many trails available for any level of experience

One-Hour $50 /Rider Two-hour $90/Rider

Sunrise Rides (Two Hours) $90/Rider

To add a chuck wagon breakfast, add $50 /Rider

Three-Hour, four-hour, and Longer Rides $45/Hr/Rider

To add a chuck wagon lunch, add $50 /Rider

Sunset Rides (Two Hour) $90/Rider

To add a chuck wagon dinner, add $50/Rider

Recuperate from your adventure at “the barn” airbnb, Redvale, co  

Go Camping!